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[Black Trans Travel Fund]


Location: New Jersey & New York

Organization: Black Trans Travel Fund

Contact: blacktranstravelfund@gmail.com

The Black Trans Travel Fund is a grassroots, Black Trans led Collective, providing Black transgender women with financial and material resources needed to remove barriers to self-determining and accessing safer travel options.

︎ Does not collaborate with police
︎ Offered at no cost to participants

︎ LISTEN to the One Million Experiments Podcast ft. The Black Trans Travel Fund 

Launched in New York City on June 18th, 2019 by a Black trans man - BTTF was created out of direct response to the relentless and unacceptable transphobic violence Black transgender women across the country have been continuously experiencing.

This is a direct call to action for allies to be able to leverage their resources and make a tangible difference in the lives of Black trans women.

Since first developed, we’ve been working to provide Black transgender women with the resources needed to be able to self-determine and access safer alternatives to travel, where they feel less likely to experience verbal harassment or physical harm. Soon after our initial launch we expanded our reach from solely New York, to supporting women in New Jersey as well. Part of our work also includes supporting other Black trans-led programs, collectives, and organizations each month who are providing material support to Black trans women in their respective communities. We are proud to have already redistributed over $100,000 to Black trans women in need, and are working to expand our programs to other states (and countries!) soon!

BTTF provides $7500 in general funding (between a minimum of 150 people) each month to Black trans women in need. Each woman can request up to $50 per application.

Excerpted From: Black Trans Travel Fund