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[Former Peace Coffee]

Cocoa Butter Futures

Location: Twin Cities, MN

Organization: Cocoa Butter Futures Mutual Aid Collective

Contact: theSPIRALcollective@gmail.com

Cocoa Butter Futures is a collective of queer, trans Black, Indigenous, people of color, committed to radical redistribution through healing practices and mutual aid.

Cocoa Butter Futures is “a collective of queer, trans Black, Indigenous, people of color, committed to radical redistribution through healing practices and mutual aid.” Their funding and supplies come from other collectives, grassroots groups, and small businesses. They also provide individuals who would like to make a donation with tax exempt forms. 

The mutual aid collective runs three primary projects:

UR PPLS 2 Fund: “The You Are People's Too Fund (URPPLS2), offers direct financial assistance to Minnesota-based QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and BIPOC single parent/fam/guardian/caretaker of vulnerable adults and/or child(ren). At this time we are only able to fund people for a one-time/year offering of up to $500 per person. This fund is not need based & we don’t ask folks to prove their needs because how you spend your money is not our business. We just want people to have access to support themselves under capitalism. Dream big and spend hard.” 

You can view the UR PPLS 2 Fund form here.

Radical Apothecary & Care Kits: “The radical apothecary, invites community herbalists & healing practitioners to come together, make medicines and care kits to be distributed to the broader community. It also allows for BIPOC street medics and healers to connect with members of Cocoa Butta Futures to collect and disperse medical and healing supplies they might need for sustaining communities. During the active uprisings in the Twin Cities, we distributed care kits directly to frontline activists & their families.” 

Ricardo Levins Morales/Peace Coffee Community Pantry: “In solidarity and community with the historic uprising, the Ricardo Morales Levins art studio and Peace Coffee responded to one of our co-organizers asks to create healing and restorative space for the local community, activists, and healers. In addition to the radical apothecary held in this space, we also offer a community pantry that provides canned food, fresh vegetables, household items, medical supplies, clothes and baby formula and diapers, free of charge, Tuesday & Friday.”

Cocoa Butter Futures started their work after the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, amidst the 2020 uprisings and the Covid-19 pandemic. They center their rapid response work in the “radical traditions of Black, Indigenous, and immigrant communities who have historically and continuously practice mutual aid and resource sharing as a means of not only survival, but to strengthen ties within and between communities and networks.”

According to the Collective, “From these movements and our elders, we have learned that to sustain our struggle requires the courage that comes from being in community. We know that we are not alone and that our rapid response work is part of the sustenance our communities need. We know that the relationships cultivated by our mutual aid work are the same relationships and networks needed to fuel our global historic uprising for abolition and liberation.

Since these efforts are in solidarity with Black liberatory community organizations throughout the Twin Cities, the US, and across the world, we will do it until we can’t fund it anymore or until we have to leave our physical spaces.”

Source: Cocoa Butter Futures