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[Collective Justice, 2019]


Location: King Co., WA

Organization: Collective Justice

Contact: info@collectivejusticenw.org

Collective Justice is a survivor-led, anti-violence organization building toward collective wellness and liberation. They partner with different organizations to facilitate Community HEAL circles, including a circle for folks who have lost a loved one to gun violence, a circle for formerly incarcerated persons, and a circle for loved ones of people who are incarcerated.

︎ Does not collaborate with police
︎ Volunteer-led
︎ Offered at no cost to participants
In Community HEAL Circles, participants join 10-14 others in a restorative justice circle where they explore topics such as trauma, shame, resilience, accountability, socialization, structural and generational violence, and their impacts on our bodies. Participants who join circles will share and witness each other’s stories, grow, and create community.

HEAL circles support communities who have been the most impacted by violence in King County. Groups are held by and for the community to create healing spaces that respond directly to the loss, grief and violence that we face in our daily lives. 

As a participant in a circle, you will have access to resources that support your full participation and ability to show up. This includes child care assistance, technology assistance, and meals.

The facilitation team comes to this work from diverse and varied backgrounds. Collectively, they hold many years of experience in: services for survivors of harm and violence; prison-based support work; somatics; healing and trauma work; community organizing; community-based responses to harm; community education; and movements for racial justice and queer and trans liberation. They bring a deeply held commitment to respond to harm in transformative ways and to uphold the dignity of people on all sides of harm. They bring a complex understanding of accountability and healing to the circles we facilitate, holding lived experiences of both surviving and causing harm.

Excerpted From: Collective Justice’s Newsletter