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[Allied Media Conference, Allied Media]

Detroit Safety Team

Location: Detroit, MI

Organization: Detroit Safety Team

Contact: info@redefinesafety.org

The Detroit Safety Team (DST) assists communities in building a new safety infrastructure that shifts away from police reliance.
The Detroit Safety team describes the work as building “safety infrastructures by weaving together proactive and responsive practices.” Their main offering is the City-Wide Safety Team where members work alongside the core leadership body of DST in building relationships with the community in the city and beyond. 

Founded in 2014 by a group of organizers who were working to provide conflict transformation and resolution services at the annual Allied Media Conference in Detroit, DST has grown from a volunteer group for one event to a city-wide service provider.

City-Wide Safety Team

“Working closely with neighborhoods, DST builds and teaches holistic and humane safety methods and tools. The goal is to create and instill safety methods that shift away from police reliance within a neighborhood, community, or event.”

Gain Knowledge And Invaluable Practice Skills:

City-wide members will be trained in mediation, intervention and de-escalation through different restorative justice programs, including:
  • Introduction to Kingian Nonviolence
  • Trauma, Resilience, and Neuroscience: Keys to Offering Emotional Support in the Moment
  • Introduction to Restorative Practice
  • Introduction to De-escalation and Mediation
  • Pod Mapping

Other Benefits:

Being apart of community that is committed to redefining safety alongside of Detroiters
  • Being apart of a learning community
  • Practice space for
    • Facilitation
    • Conflict support
    • Community building
    • Event support
  • Opportunities to shape the direction of Detroit Safety Team

In addition to the City-Wide Safety Team, DST works to offer the following services:  

Safety Training: We engage Detroiters with tools and trainings in proven safety methods.

Community Building: We transform communities by moving to a non-punitive safety response that changes our relationship with harm, abuse, and conflict to one that allows for healing and refuses violence.

Restorative Processes: We use responsive measures that allow those who have harmed, and those who have been harmed to work through conflict together through our restorative circle practices.

DST uses a Gradient Pricing Model for their services. Combining existing ideals from Gift Economics and Sliding Scale models, we offer various tiers of pricing based upon a client’s capacity to pay. Cost should never be a barrier to entry. 

Source: Detroit Safety Team