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[Kemal Cilengir/L.A. TACO]


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Organization: Backyard Squabbles

Contact: backyardsquabble@gmail.com
“Fighting under the motto ‘guns down, squabble up,’ promoters DGoot and Josh Brito give fighters a space to settle disputes outside the streets. In one of the fights, dubbed a ‘beef fight,’ we saw two men resolve their problem in the ring instead of in the streets, which often has deadly consequences.

Josh tells L.A. TACO, ‘At this point, we are trying to create a platform for fighters to grow. Whether they take it to the next level or just bring it in the ring to squash beef.’ Gun violence has increased significantly over the first half of 2021. Backyard Squabbles hopes to give Los Angeles residents a way to settle disputes without bringing a gun into the equation. ‘Our group offers an alternative to gun violence in our communities. Put the guns away, live to fight another day,’ Josh continues.

Backyard Squabbles provides the perfect setting for fighters who are just starting to get an in-the-ring experience that is hard to find anywhere else. More traditional avenues for fighters to move up the ranks, like AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) boxing, are very exclusive and make it next-to-impossible for younger, more inexperienced fighters to get exposure.

The respect between the fighters and the positive atmosphere provides a safe space for fighters to showcase their skills. With little to no resources to gain exposure outside of the conventional forums, Backyard Squabbles is looking to grow along with the talent of the fighters who take part in their events.”

  Excerpted From: ‘Guns Down, Squabble Up:’ L.A.’S Underground Fight Club Continues to Provide Gang Member An Alternative to Squashing Beef, Kemal Cilengir, L.A. TACO, June 4, 2021