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Healing From Harm

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Organization: Leda Health

Contact: info@leda.co

Leda Health offers virtual support groups in the form of healing circles for survivors, and healing circles for those who have caused harm.
“Leda Health is a company built for survivors, by survivors. It seeks to not only revolutionize forensic evidence collection and testing with modern technology, but also to connect survivors with professionals and supportive communities to aid them in their recovery process. For sexual assault survivors, the restoration of autonomy and the administration of care are of the utmost importance.

We’ve formed a network of professionals with experience in forensics, law, healthcare, advocacy paired with designers, engineers, political scientists and more to create unique survivor-centric solutions to one of the world’s biggest problems. Together, we are shifting the paradigm. We are determined to support the effort to raise the national reporting rate, minimize the backlog of 200,000 sexual assault examination kits that currently exists in the country, and provide survivors with the holistic care they need.”

Accountability Circles

Leda offers a 16-week virtual program for people who have caused sexual harm or feel at risk of causing harm. Leda describes the course as “a brave space to explore accountability and healing,” focused on release and reflection for balance, for support, and for healing:

“Recover from harm you have caused, extend forgiveness to yourself, and break cycles of violence. If you have caused sexual harm, or feel at risk of causing harm, we invite you to heal with us in a virtual Accountability Circle.

We acknowledge that hurt people hurt people, and we believe that all people deserve to heal. This 16-week virtual Circle is led by a trauma-informed and sexual assault healing specialist in a brave space online. Explore accountability, release, and recovery with guided support and community.

This Accountability Circle is informed by transformative justice practices, acknowledging that hurt people hurt people. We strive to offer a supportive, inclusive space in an effort to break cycles of violence without causing further harm. We are here for collective and individual healing.”

Healing Circles

Leda Health offers “two categories of healing: explorative and creative.

Our team plans explorative groups specifically for women, men, and queer individuals to create spaces where those who have experienced sexual harm can connect twice a week for eight weeks under the facilitation of a recurring sex positive facilitator and rotating facilitators with backgrounds in art, music, dance, poetry, yoga, drama and more.

We also offer smaller creative groups for people of all identities who want to explore in depth a specific practice such as art, music or yoga healing. This 8-week-long program connects once a week for two hours. Each specialized group is unique; we work with our healing facilitators to develop a program that is tailored to their individual specialities and expertise.

Groups are made up of 8-10 individuals, often based around similar gender identities or experiences. Each circle is different but all have the same goals: to help people who have experienced sexual harm find community, create a toolkit of coping mechanisms, and ultimately, be able to differentiate between justice and healing.

After you express interest, our team will forward your information to the group facilitator. If they approve your application, we will follow up with forms to be signed. Then, you will be matched to a group based on the resources we currently have to offer, and the preferences you listed.”

Leda emphasizes accessible, accepting, and confidential spaces.

“Our facilitators are certified in various areas to provide healing approaches through an intersectional lens. They have backgrounds ranging all the way from sexology to music to art. Our facilitator’s goals are to make sure that we are not only surviving, but thriving.“

Source: Leda Health