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[Still from “Mother’s Circle” video by Liliane Calfee]


Location: Chicago, IL

Program: Mother’s Circle
Organization: Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation 

Contact: info@pbmr.org 

︎ Does not collaborate with police
︎ Offered at no cost to participants
Some have sons in prison. Others have sons who were murdered. At Precious Blood Ministry, this group of mothers sits shoulder to shoulder each month to talk about love, grief, and their toughest challenge as parents: losing a child.

In the beginning, the circle was an experiment to find out if there was the possibility of having safe conversations among people who are on opposite sides of the gang experience. What my friend and the women in the circle found is that they have a shared experience of profound loss of their sons. The prison is so far away, there is little chance to visit because transportation is so difficult. It often requires an overnight stay and the cost of everything is prohibitive for family members.

Excerpted From: After Unthinkable Loss, Sarah Conway, Chicago Magazine, February 5, 2020