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Location: Minneapolis, MN

Organization: CANDO

Contact: growfood@thecentralneighborhood.com

Plant-Grow-Share is a grassroots food justice program in Minneapolis that shows what's possible when neighbors share time, talent and land in accessible and inclusive ways. PGS focuses on investing in neighbors through gardening education and sharing food while community building.

“The project started as a way of helping families access materials — anything you need to have your own raised bed and start doing organic gardening — and we wanted to incorporate more education,” says organizer Fernanda Hart.

“We’re not just helping families grow food. We’re coming together and we’re learning together, regardless of how tired you are and how bad your day went. We’re combining our efforts, and putting our brains together for a project where food can be given away to more people who will then grow food at home...You create a different relationship with your meals.”

Plant-Grow-Share has three different goals:

Learn to Plant: “Each year, Plant-Grow-Share hosts a season-long program for new gardeners as well as workshops and classes open to the general public.”

Rest and Grow: “We make time to breathe and rest, hosting weekly community healing gatherings for small groups and virtual reconnection events for participants.”

Share: “We harvest fresh organic vegetables and healing plants from our Plant-Grow-Share gardens to share with our community.“

Workshops include: Indoor Seed Starting, Transplanting, Soil Fertility and Health, Pest and Weed Identification, Harvest and Food Preservation, and Putting the Garden to Bed

As part of the “Beginning Black & Indigenous Gardeners Program - Neighbors Unite!” Plant-Grow-Share provides families in Central Neighborhood with all of the materials to grow their own food.

 “The agreement between the twenty participating families and the project was to give three small harvests a season to the free farmers market. The harvests are moved by a bicycle food cart that was created to make the project fully sustainable. That cart pulled up to the various gardens driven by volunteers who gathered the food to give away for free at the market.” (You can watch a video about their work created by Unicorn Riot here.)

Through their website, you can sign up for classes, activites, materials, support, and donate to the project. In five years, Plant-Grow-Share has helped 82 families grow food in their backyards, harvested, 2,885 pounds of fresh produce, and distributed this food to over 800 people.

Source: Plant-Grow-Share