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[SPIRAL Collective]


Location: St. Paul, MN

Organization: SPIRAL Collective

Contact: theSPIRALcollective@gmail.com

SPIRAL is a disabled, queer, trans, BIPOC-led reproductive and healing justice care work collective supporting folks in all pregnancy experiences. They are committed to ensuring abortion access, honoring bodily autonomy, and working towards collective liberation. SPIRAL provides practical abortion support and community-based education.

︎ Volunterr-led
︎ Offered at no cost to participants
The SPIRAL Collective describes itself as “a chronically ill, disabled, queer, trans, BIPOC-centered full spectrum reproductive + healing justice and care work collective.

We provide radical compassionate care in all pregnancy outcomes and experiences. In particular, we are committed to eliminating barriers to abortion access by honoring bodily autonomy and collective liberation. We accomplish this by providing trauma-informed, client + healing centered practical abortion support, community-based education, and culture/narrative shifting practice. To promote reproductive justice, we center the experiences of marginalized communities in our leadership and our programming.

For us, reproductive justice means all people have the means necessary to access the information, resources, and emotional, physical, social, and political support they need, to be who they are and create and sustain the types of families and communities they desire.”

Current programming includes:

The Abortion Care Bag (ACB) Program: This program provides clients with FREE aftercare bags, which includes items aimed at aiding each client in supporting themselves physically and emotionally at home, immediately following their abortion or miscarriage.

Midwest Access Coalition (MAC) Partnership: SPIRAL is partnering with MAC, a grassroots, practical abortion fund comprised of volunteers based in the Chicago area. MAC assists low-income individuals seeking abortion care who are traveling to, from, or within the Midwest with procedure associated costs and logistical support.

SPIRAL uses a collective/consensus-based model of organizing and leadership: “We strive to share responsibilities and power as collectively as possible. We prioritize chronically ill / sick / disabled, queer / trans people of color in our leadership as well as our services.”

More about SPIRAL’s model of organizing:

  • “We recognize & value existing individuals & organizations that ground sexual health and/or birthwork in reproductive justice & we refer people to resources outside of SPIRAL for doula support as needed. We advocate for societal & cultural shifts around abortion stigma (especially within birthwork) & seek to end the silencing of individuals & communities regarding their bodies, genders, sexualities, experiences, & desires.
  • We support people by listening to them, trusting them, encouraging them to trust themselves, & honoring their experiences.
  • We continually seek ongoing training, & skill-share opportunities for ourselves & our communities.
  • We seek to keep these accessible as we’re concerned about the hyper-professionalization of birthwork.”

Source: SPIRAL Collective