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[Demonstration at Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center]


Location: Minneapolis, MN

Organization: Sobriety is D.O.P.E.

Contact: sobrietyisdope.mpls@gmail.com

Sobriety is D.O.P.E. is a proposed six-week program for women returning from prison that pairs transformative group work with education and legal assistance around family reunification.
Sobriety is D.O.P.E. team members are in correspondence with women as they are released from prison in counties around Minneapolis. Women are frequently sent to the city, sometimes the only option for housing and services required for parole and release.

The team offers programming for women that recognizes their dignity and value to the community, and also offers information, resources, and connections that will help the women who have lost custody of their children due to their involvement with the criminal legal system.

The six-week program allows women to come and participate in transformative group work — to tell their stories and connect with advocates who will help them work towards family reunification, including fulfilling legal program requirements. The program goals include:

● Goal 1: Uplifting women transitioning back to Hennepin County from crisis situations.

● Goal 2: The reunification of families.

● Goal 3: Creating a place where women know they can come, be welcome, and receive assistance in a caring environment.

Sobriety is D.O.P.E. offers true companionship from women who have struggled with addiction, legal involvement, and loss of custody of children— people  who genuinely understand and care:

“We’re paying it forward, being reliable, and offering activities to occupy our interests. Sobriety is D.O.P.E. is a mirror of our hard work and dedication to self-transformation. Sobriety is D.O.P.E. helps install consistent faith and hope, one person at a time. Reducing recidivism with counseling and living skills, reuniting families who suffered from addiction, and offering advocacy, career empowerment, and employability, we are creating the formula to push start your best life.”

Source: Sobriety is D.O.P.E.