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[Until We Are All Free]

Until We Are All Free

Location:  Minneapolis, MN

Organization: Until We Are All Free

Contact: kevin@uwaaf.com

Until We Are All Free is a human rights organization led by formerly incarcerated criminal justice experts. We focus on building capital, resources and support to provide pathways to civic and economic liberation for individuals disenfranchised by mass incarceration.

Until We Are All Free builds, “capital, resources, and support for our missing community of world changers that are stuck behind bars or fresh out of a Minnesota prison.” They focus on three areas:

01. Foundational Support: “UWAAF strives to build foundational stability for each individual we work with.”

02. Setting the Framework: “Our methods of internal investment could range from sponsorship for specific UWAAF individuals, or could come in the form of establishing a fund for books, education or any other long-term growth need.”

03. Collective Community Leadership: “UWAAF provides the opportunities to lead in community through collective development on UWAAF publications, projects, events, and products through Ambassador contracts.”

Current programming includes:

An Internal Investment Program for people who are incarcerated that covers the, “costs of communication (phone and stamps), canteen/commissary, and builds a re-entry savings account that UWAAF contributes to every month;” Welcome Home Kits, “a tangible way to directly support the individuals who receive them by providing all the necessities for a person transitioning out of incarceration;” and a Frontline Support Program that distributes the kits, funds, and provides a “project stipend to work collectively on various justice-related projects while they identify personal long-term goals.” UWAAF also runs an Ambassador Leadership Program that provides 8 sessions over two-three months that help students prepare for re-entry — including focusing on skills such as, “technology & internet, professional development, social and relational development, family reunification, balance & self-care, and community organizing and leading.“

In 2022, UWAAF will also release a Community Pre-Release Handbook — a, “a compilation of reentry stories and experiences written collectively by the individuals who have been through reentry.” Their, “hope is that this handbook gives individuals coming out of incarceration the wisdom and pathway to success, although and in spite of, the unexpected challenges that come while navigating through the reentry process.”

Source: Until We Are All Free